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Boat rental Vltava - raft rental

Boat rental Maleček rafting & canoe

Maleček rafting & canoe - is especially professionalism, experience and tradition - already 25 years. Renting boat Maleček rents boats and rafts for Vltava river sailing. We also offer speciality - wooden rafting scenic cruises throughout the historical center of Český Krumlov.

Day trips

  • renting boats of Vltava river trip
  • trips for 30 minutes or whole day trips 
  • rented boats - canoes, small and big rafts

Price includes:

  • boats, life jackets, paddles, boat bags, maps, instructions
  • transport of the persons and boats to the starting or finishing point

Several day trips

  • two or several day boating on Vltava river
  • rented boats - canoes, small and big rafts  
  • transport of boats and persons to the start or back from the finish place

Price includes:

  • boats, life jackets, paddles, boat bags, maps

Virtual tour: