Terms of Service and cancellation policy

Conditions for the ordering and lending of boats:

  1. The relationship between the client and the company Sport Service Cesky Krumlov, s.r.o., (further "Boat rental") is determined by the Czech civil law.
  2. Sending this form (Order) to the Boat rental is understood as making a binding order according to the terms and content of this form. The contract between the Boat rental and the client originates when the Boat rental agrees with and confirms the order.
  3. When the order is accepted by the Boat rental, the client is sent an advance invoice.
  4. Client is obliged to pay the advance invoice paid by the due date at latest, otherwise the Boat rental is not bound by the order.
  5. Additional payment of the calculated price of the boat lending and transport will be made in cash together with delivery of the boats.

General terms of boat lending:

  1. The equipment lent by the Boat rental can be used only for those purposes it is meant to be used, other usage is prohibited.
  2. Client is responsible for the equipment lent. In case of not returning or damaging of the equipment the client must pay the lost or damaged equipment, amounting to the purchase price of the equipment on the day of the beginning of the contract. The loss will be paid together with returning of the boats.
  3. Client is not responsible for the damage caused by ordinary usage.
  4. Client borrows the equipment bearing all other risks him/herself. The Boat rental is not responsible for any harms of health or wealth of the client or other people caused by usage of the equipment.
  5. The Boat rental will provide the client with spare equipment and the transport for free when a damage or malfunction of is caused by other than client's fault.

Cancellation terms:

  1. The Boat rental is allowed to cancel the client's order under serious circumstances. In that case the client must be informed as soon as possible and the advance payment must be returned in adequate time.
  2. When the client cancels the order more than 15 calendar days in advance, no cancellation fee is required.
  3. When the client cancels the order 15 and less calendar days before the beginning of the lending time, 1/3 of the price of the total ordered price will be required to be paid within 10 days from the cancellation. Advance payment is meant to be used to balance the account.
  4. Cancellation fee is not paid under these circumstances:
    • unfriendly water conditions (floods, low water level - less than 5 m3 from the dam Lipno)
    • unfriendly wind conditions (gale, long and strong rain)
  5. When the client takes the boats later, returns earlier or takes lower number of boats than ordered, 1/3 of the unused amount is to be paid back.